Our Process

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What is the process of beginning ABA therapy? This is our most asked question. Whether you’re a new client or you have received ABA therapy in the past, we know the steps can be overwhelming. We are here to walk you through each part of the process and assist you in receiving services as soon as possible.

First, the caregiver contacts our office by phone, email or click here. During the intake call we will ask a few brief questions:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Client’s name, date of birth, gender & diagnosis (if applicable)
  • Insurance or payment method
  • Client’s behaviors of concern and independence level

The intake specialist will inform you of any required documents (verbally and in a follow up email) that can be sent to us via email or fax in order for us to proceed. We will also provide community referral assistance in obtaining these documents as quickly as possible. Some documents required include:

  • Prescription for ABA or Behavior Therapy with Diagnosis Code (Sample RX1, Sample RX2).
  • Copy of insurance card (front & back)
  • Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation or Full Psychological or Psychiatric Evaluation (completed by a Neurologist, Pediatrician, Psychologist or Psychiatrist)

Once we have received the required documents via email or fax, and verified insurance benefits, we will contact you to let you know the summary of what your provider has indicated. Payment of benefits are subject to all terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions of the member’s contract at the time of service.

Depending on the insurance provider and their internal process, they may require a prior authorization where we will submit documentation for approval of the initial assessment. This can take 5-15 business days. Once the authorization has been approved, we will contact you to schedule the initial assessment.

One of our Board-Certified Behavior Analysts will call to schedule and administer the assessment. The assessment can take place in the center, home, school or community and will take a few hours. Sometimes they can be scheduled over one, two or three sessions. The assessment consists of:

  • Explanation and caregiver signature for consent to treatment
  • Caregiver interview of family history, demographics, client medical history and behaviors or skill deficits of concern
  • Client direct testing and observation utilizing play-based routines

The Licensed Clinician will then prepare the comprehensive report and treatment plan with therapy recommendations.

The full assessment will be submitted to your Insurance Provider for authorization. This can take 10-30 business days. For most providers, authorizations are good for 6 months. Prior to the end of the 6-month authorization, our agency will submit a reassessment with updated client assessment and performance information so therapy can continue with no lapse in services.

Your treatment team consisting of a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst and Registered Behavior Technician will contact you to schedule services at the center, in your home, school or community.