Assessment Process

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A functional behavior assessment focuses on identifying maintaining variables, social and environmental factors and the occurrence or nonoccurrence of specific behaviors.  FBA’s are data based and conducted by highly skilled and trained professionals 

Data collection is a critical component of ABA programs. Our data is collected real time as we use a digital platform that allows for instant communication of the case among all parties such as caregivers, therapists and analysts.  BFS will regularly provide you data in a format that is understandable and discuss the data and your child’s progress in clear terms. This data will be used to make program adjustments and modifications so that your child can progress most quickly.

Most children and adolescents on the autism spectrum have a difficult time understanding and using social skills. They do not naturally learn to respond to social cues, making the social world unrecognizable and awkward. Social skills include everything from making eye contact and greetings to understanding internal events and feelings. Social skills also teach basic social rules like being polite and general social/behavioral expectations in all of the client’s environments. These skills will have a large impact on a person’s life. Social skills, or the lack thereof, can affect the ability of a person with autism to make and maintain friendships, participate with peers and even interacting with society.

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