BFS Partners with ABA Technologies to Create Courses for Florida Tech

BFS Partners with ABA TechnologiesBFS Partners with ABA Technologies

Behavioral Family Solutions (BFS) recently partnered with ABA Technologies, Inc. to create educational courses for a graduate program in applied behavior analysis at Florida Tech. As part of their collaboration with ABA Tech, BFS filmed their Board Certified Behavior Analysts® teaching essential language and motor skills to children on the spectrum. The graduate program will use these videos in a course on skill acquisition taught to graduate students of Applied Behavior Analysis. With the help of these videos, graduate students will learn and develop the fundamental teaching skills they need to excel at their profession and deliver quality therapeutic services to children and their families.

“We’re honored that ABA Technologies invited us to participate in the creation of these educational videos for ABA graduate students,” says Kyra Gonzalez, BCBA/Clinical Director of Behavioral Family Solutions. “Our highly trained and skilled Board Certified Behavior Analysts®are a credit to their profession. Their participation in these educational videos will help ensure a quality education for graduate students as they prepare to make a positive impact in the field and the lives of their clients.”

“I’m grateful to BFS for this excellent collaboration,” enthuses Christi Reed, MS, BCBA, Lead Instructional Manager for ABA Technologies. “The BFS videos were part of our effort to update content for the 5th Edition Task List. BFS provided videos on echoics, TAG trials, mand trials, and a video on echoic transfer to mand for verbal therapy. We’re pleased with the result and are excited to employ these videos as part of our curriculum for graduate students of applied behavior analysis in January 2022.”

About ABA Technologies.

ABA Technologies disseminates the science and technology of behavior analysis worldwide through education, training, consultation, and product development.

About Behavioral Family Solutions.

Behavioral Family Solutions (BFS) is a private agency experienced in delivering the highest quality of therapeutic services to children and their families since 2016. BFS provides applied behavior analysis by highly trained and skilled staff, such as a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), Board-Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA), and Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT). BFS provides cognitive behavioral therapy with services provided by highly trained and skilled Licensed Clinicians in following a multidisciplinary approach. Services are provided in the community, at home, in schools, and in the company’s state-of-the-art center locations. To learn more about Behavioral Family Solutions, please visit

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